From street culture to catwalks, Old Soles’ team of industry veterans harvests cultural influences from around the globe, transforming them into luxurious fashion for children’s footwear. Designed in Australia since 2008, Old Soles uses only the finest materials, chicest embellishments and richest color schemes to bring a fresh assortment of function and style to its exciting collections.


Old Soles is focused on reducing its carbon footprint:

Boxes. The FSC certification ensures their paper comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Materials.  Focus on using more sustainable materials that contain no harmful chemicals, so the impact to surrounding environment is reduced and limited.

Factories. Old Soles is all about the people. Their manufacturing provides fair, ethical trade and wages for all  employees.

Transportation. Ship by sea, reducing carbon emissions by not using air freight. Having warehouses spread globally allows for ground transportation.