About Molekinha

When wearing Molekinha, being a fashionista turns into a sweet game and a generous amount of fun! Always in tune with the most up-to-date girls’ style, the brand releases footwear that are in line with children’s tastes and specializes in looks which are full of attitude!

With innovation and effective management, Calçados Beira Rio S.A. is a leader in the footwear segment, being one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers operating since 1975. The company ships its products weekly to more than 97 countries and employs more than 8,000 employees. The group's footwear brands including Molekinha deliver quality, comfort and fashion for all styles.

With humanistic values in its essence, Calçados Beira Rio S.A. keeps its feet on the ground with its eyes on the future, committing to the environment and to the communities where it operates. In 2021, the company was awarded the Sustainable Origin Seal at the Diamond level-a certification for Brazilian companies in the footwear production chain that incorporate sustainability in their production processes according to indicators in five dimensions: economic, environmental, social, cultural and sustainability management.

Increasingly committed to the environmental cause, Calçados Beira Rio S.A. has been working with its suppliers to develop alternative raw materials based on the concepts of a circular economy. Besides the bases of insoles made from the waste of the industry itself, a series of components are already drawing the market's attention for being ecologically efficient and economically viable.