About Elephantito

ELEPHANTITO is a luxury children's-shoe brand born in 2004 and known for their elegant/timeless/”age appropriate”/impeccable made all-leather shoes.

Over the years, the business grew, and in 2012 they opened a state-of-the-art shoe factory in South America equipped with brand-new Italian machinery in the hands of well-trained shoe artisans. Their success is possible thanks to a vertical integration business model. They’re involved in each and every step of the process, from designing, manufacturing, sourcing, and managing distributions entirely by themselves.

It comes with no surprise that the entrepreneurs are also setting a socially responsible standard example in the country of Peru. Their factory employs over 30 shoe artisans, ensuring that their quality standards remain top priority. They provide work to more than 30 families, and aside from working in an environmentally safe facility, all their employees earn a fair salary and enjoy for the very first time the benefits of having social security, medical insurance -for them and their family-, paid vacations and 3 months of maternity leave among other benefits.

The company embraces a fashion forward and innovative mindset and remains true to their vision; valuing simplicity, style, comfort and sophistication.