Fall Favorites

Discover the perfect pair of kids' shoes for fall with our curated collection of favorites. From sneakers to boots to mary janes, we've got you covered.

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CHARMSOFÍ was inspired by our challenge as parents to find timeless children's footwear that could be worn at special occasions and remain useful for more casual events. CHARMSOFÍ is the solution for shoppers looking for aesthetically pleasing and quality footwear all in one place. We are proud to partner with manufacturers from around the world who share our values and meet the lofty standards of parents like us. We are excited to bring our curated offering to you!


To date, I have purchased two pairs of shoes from Charmsofi. The shipping was super fast and when I opened them, I could tell that they were packaged with great care. I chose the Alex Driver in Camel and the Gigi T bar in metallic pink. I was not disappointed. The shoes are easily the best quality shoes that she currently has in her closet. Also, they must be super comfortable because they are her most favorite. I was a little nervous about allowing her to wear her Gigis in the wet grass but of course 4 year olds will only avoid getting muddy for so long 😫. Surprisingly, they have now withstood many a day in the mudd and muck and still look amazing! Overall, get these shoes!


Awesome, gorgeous, comfortable, high-quality footwear for little ones. My nephews love it all: from the sandals to the dress shoes. Products are also kid friendly and easy to put on for on-the-run moments. Love Charmsofí!


I bought these for my 5 year old niece, and her first reaction when she opened them was, “OMG, I love them!” They are a gorgeous party shoe that matches my niece’s beauty and spunk 🥰
The quality is also amazing and very sturdy!

Melissa Lafferty

Our first time ordered from Charmsofi, but had to say it has the best quality. The good thing is it's very easy for my son to wear himself and he loves it.

Lam Be